Long Term Acute Care

Long-Term Acute Care Hospitals (LTACHs) like Barlow Respiratory Hospital serve patients with complex medical needs who require longer hospital stays and highly specialized, expert care.

Most patients admitted to LTACHs arrive from traditional hospitals, referred to as acute care hospitals, with many patients admitted directly from a hospital's intensive care unit for the specialized programs of care offered. At Barlow, many of these patients have medically complex conditions. For example, many patients are ventilator-dependent and need the continued level of treatment and care provided by a long-term acute care hospital, such as pulmonary and cardiac monitoring.

LTACHs differ from chronic care settings, such as skilled nursing facilities and sub-acute care settings. LTACHs focus on treating critically ill or high acuity patients in an intensive way, using individualized treatment programs and medical expertise geared towards the patient's illness and requirements. The goal is medical recovery and helping the patient return to optimal functioning.