Research Center

We at Barlow draw upon our renowned Research Center for how best to treat our patients with complex medical needs.  Through the Barlow Respiratory Research Center (BRRC), we keep abreast of the most advanced treatments and technologies for our patients.  Barlow is also internationally recognized as the leader in published outcomes research on weaning ventilator-dependent patients in the post-intensive care unit setting. 

The Research Center is lead by distinguished experts in the field of pulmonary medicine, who have been sought to develop an authoritative clinical practice guideline on weaning.  The BRRC was the first to develop and publish a protocol specifically for weaning patients from prolonged mechanical ventilation.  Barlow Respiratory Research Center's TIPS© Protocol, developed by Barlow pulmonologists and based on years of specialized practice, is still in use in hospitals around the country today. 

Barlow is also proud to participate in joint research efforts.  Barlow recently served as the data coordination center and primary research site for a national multi-center Ventilation Outcomes Study. 

Through our research, we focus on achieving better outcomes for Barlow patients.  Today's research becomes tomorrow's clinical practice as Barlow adds to the knowledge base of pulmonary and critical care medicine.  Our research helps shape the health care decisions for patients with ventilator dependency, respiratory failure, and other related diseases in the respiratory and medically complex patient.