Guild House Giftshop

A dedicated group of former patients established a social and philanthropic Barlow Guild organization in 1943 to raise funds for the hospital. 

In its early years, the Guild held tremendously popular picnics, bazaars, and banquets.  The Guild also regularly provided entertainment for patients. 

By 1975, the Guild had raised more than $290,000 for the hospital and took over its current building under the leadership of Dr.  Arnold Freed, a former Barlow patient and later Barlow Chief of Staff physician, and his wife Margaret.  

The building was transformed into a unique gift and plant shop that became known as the Guild House, and has since raised more than one million dollars for the hospital. 

Today, Mrs.  Freed continues to diligently keep the shelves stocked with many exquisite and one-of-a-kind gift items.  The Guild House remains a source of revenue and community outreach for the hospital.  All proceeds from sales support Barlow's medical equipment needs. 

For more information, please call Margaret Freed at (213) 250-3894.


Gifts & Collectibles

We have an extensive line of gift items from around the world, including Windstone dragons, wizards, and gargoyles by M.  Pena, crystal dishes and vases from Czechoslovakia, hand-carved and inlaid boxes from Poland, porcelain from Russia, and many, many more.  If you are looking for unique, beautiful items, the Guild House is the place to shop!

We also are proud to carry Artesana Rinconada animals from Uruguay.  Our selection includes animals from the classic collection, silver anniversary collection, and large animal collection.  We still have many out-of-production pieces in stock.  We would be happy to special-order any piece (currently in production).

Dolls and Toys

We are fortunate to have wonderful volunteers who sew beautiful handmade dolls and toys.  We carry unique hand-made cloth dolls, including ballerinas, pioneer girls, babies, and clowns.

Also available are hand puppets and many stuffed animals, including dinosaurs, teddy bears of all types and sizes, bunnies, cats, raccoons, and many more! Visit us and view our beautiful selection of wood trucks, trains, fire engines, blocks, and puzzles!

Babies' Things

From our hand-made quilts and accessories, to pillow shams and hippo backpacks, we have many exciting items for mom and baby.  We also have beautiful wood cribs with hand-made layettes, as well as little hand-painted wood high-chairs.

Come visit us and enjoy our special seasonal gifts, collectibles and toys!

All proceeds benefit Barlow Respiratory Hospital patients.