Patient & Family Support

A variety of support services are available to patients and their families during and following a patient's stay at Barlow.

Working closely with case managers and social workers, patients and families can remain informed about treatment and progress.

Our treatment programs literally get patients back on their feet.  Our in-patient support groups instill a sense of hope for optimal recovery.  Our family support meetings also provide concerned family members with valuable information and encouragement to help them adjust to their loved one's illness and cope with lengthy hospital stays.

Patients and families may also wish to seek the services of Barlow's on-call Clergy.  To request a clergy member of your faith, consult your case manager or social worker.

As needed, Palliative Care services and counseling are available to patients and families.

Our care for patients extends beyond their stay with us at Barlow.  The Lung Rangers is support group for former patients.  Held every other month during lunch, this educational and social gathering helps former patients continue to receive the assistance they need to lead more independent lives.  Attendees are welcome to bring a family member or friend.

These programs allow patients and their families to remain connected with the Barlow community and its care.

Lung Rangers

A support group for former patients, Barlow's Lung Rangers is open to all our alumni. 

The support group meets every other month during lunch, and attendees are welcome to bring a family member or friend.  Current patients in the Pulmonary Rehabiliation Program are also encouraged to attend.  Occastionally, we also receive requests from individuals who found our support group among those listed by the American Lung Association. 

Each meeting provides attendees with information, services and resources to help them continue to lead more active, independent lives.  A sponsored lunch is provided, along with an educational presentation. 

We at Barlow look forward to these uplifting gatherings, where we see familiar faces that look healthier and more energetic than before.  Moments like these make our job at Barlow very rewarding.  Former and current patients, in turn, draw inspiration from each other and benefit from the support and encouragement they receive. 

Lung Rangers also enjoy annual summer picnics, holiday parties, and a bimonthly newsletter with educational readings and other contributions by many Barlow staff. 

To join the Lung Rangers' mailing list and learn about upcoming events, call Barlow's main line 213-250-4200 and request the OT/PT Department.