Care for Chronically Critically Ill

Barlow's Chronically Critically Ill Care Program provides the complex care patients with sustained severe illnesses need. Some patients experience more than one condition at the same time, resulting in a complicated medical situation. These complex medical cases require prolonged recovery time, and an intensity of treatments, services and physician involvement provided at Barlow through its multidisciplinary team. Barlow specializes in providing care for these patients with ongoing complex, acute medical problems.

Patients are admitted to Barlow's Chronically Critically Ill Care Program when they need:

  • Daily physician visits
  • 24-hour professional nursing care
  • Complex respiratory care services, such as non-invasive methods of respiratory
  • support, or tracheostomy and airway management
  • Insertion and maintenance of central lines; multiple medications, medication
  • titration, specialized nutrition support, and blood transfusions
  • Acute care level monitoring, such as cardiac monitoring and continuous pulse
  • oximetry
  • Frequent evaluation of vital signs or neurological status
  • Laboratory tests daily or more frequently
  • Physical, occupational and/or speech therapy


The long-term acute setting at Barlow provides the right alternative for patients who require longer healing and recovery times. Our dedicated team has expertise in treating multiple and complex medical problems because of its history in dealing with challenging pulmonary patients.

Led by board-certified physicians, our team provides a patient-specific plan of care based on individual needs. Physician specialists are consulted to guide the care of patients with: cardiac (heart) diagnoses, neurological conditions, infectious diseases, kidney disease, and blood disorders, as well as those with complex respiratory care needs.  Through ongoing assessment and intervention, Barlow's team strives to resolve acute medical conditions, allowing patients to move successfully from the acute care setting to another level of care, or home.